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I've had rides in cabs that were so beat up I wondered if we'd ever make it to our destination. That's not the way I like to travel, and I figured that there were lots of other people that felt the same way. That's why I started Andy's Taxi Group. To deliver truly first-class taxi service in roomy, clean late-model cars--service just like I want when I travel.

Lincoln Town Car Taxi Cab at Norfolk International AirportLincoln Town Car

This car is beautiful and roomy. It's shown parked in front of the Norfolk International Airport. Rarely would you think of the word beautiful in relation to an airport, but thanks to its proximity to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, our airport is probably the most attractive in the world. First time visitors are always amazed by its beauty, and those that arrive in the heart of the azalea season in early spring see a sight they will never forget. Almost as pretty as the ATG cars.

Lincoln Town Car Taxi Cab at Norfolk's Hague WaterfrontA Fleet of Fine Cars to Serve You

Here is another Andy's Taxi parked on the banks of The Hague waterfront in Norfolk's beautiful Ghent area. Like all of our taxis, it's a nice, clean car. Compare it to the cars used by our competition. Which way would you rather ride?

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